Sugar and spice, but not necessarily nice.



Firstly, I'm going to thank those of you who still follow and have recently followed me in spite of the hiatus. It honestly does mean a lot that you guys are still here.

Things have been kinda stressing me out, so I haven't been updating as I've wanted to, clearly. I'm aiming to post soon after Anime Boston, though (BTW, I'M GONNA BE AT AB IN THE ARTISTS' ALLEY!), likely another piece on the fashion itself. After that, though, I promise I'll have the relationship piece up within few of weeks.

Anyhow, do look for me at Anime Boston if you go. I'll be the crazy at Napalm Tree's table, cosplaying fem!America in a bad wig selling prints and tickets for a goods bag raffle ($2 a ticket, 5 for $5). Lucky winner will get, as well as the other fun stuff, this awesome necklace I just made, great for gothic and dolly-kei-inspired lolita outfits:

The gun and rose and Madonna together make me think of Romeo + Juliet. Which now makes me think of Panty & Stocking. Full fucking circle.

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