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On Japan

So, this is absolutely not what I had in mind to be posting when I finally get back to the blog, and I know it's kind of awkward to be blogging about about shock over a devastation like this on a snarky fashion/lifestyle blog (though, Tokyo Fashion gets major props for keeping me updated; they get the pass 'cause they're blogging from Tokyo), but I promise this isn't overdue woes and worries about people in Japan right now, though they all have my prayers. All of it is done in my Twitter (look to the right; I am still alive guys) and facebook, as are most things so I don't just clutter this blog with non-lolita-related thoughts. I'm putting this up here because this blog has several followers, unlike my serious art blog (also the the right. Seriously, look over there more).

...Jeez, that's a giant run on sentence up the–oh fuck it, I'm not going to edit that shit.

See. Still me regardless.

Anyhow, I know we're all watching the news and e-mailing our friends/families/idols/shopping services people, and some of us are donating. I'm posting quickly to state that I firstly recommend 1000 Cranes for Japan as a way that you can help out. As those of us on the more weeboo side of things know, there is a belief in Japan that folding 1000 origami cranes will give you a wish. This group is selling crane earrings and bookmarks and sending the profits to the Red Cross. Giving is great, but it's a cynical truth to life that most people tend to be more willing to give when they get a present than not, unless they're directly cornered with guilt or are somehow directly effected by whatever we are donating for.

I'm buying a pair for myself after this. *cough* (Just kidding, I do donate when I can and encourage people to do the same through the right causes.)

On top of that, they are also getting artists in on the project where the artists pledges that they will send a drawing to whoever gives $10 to the Red Cross and e-mails them proof of their contribution. I've decided to help out in this effort by contributing ink and limited color drawings for $10 donations to the Red Cross with an email to me (at showing proof and your address. I'm considering drawing a full color print for $15 contributions as well. I'll be doing this with the 1000 Crane project until April, which is how long they're doing the donations. I'll be cross posting from my art blog with further details and samples (though you can already get an idea of what you could be getting from what I already have in there).

UPDATE: The print, alas, is not happening, at least not before April. However, I will still be doing ink drawings for anyone donating and emailing me proof. The drawings will be black ink on 6x6in bristol with limited color touches.

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