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Anime Boston and the Raffle

So, I'm sitting on a MegaBus, going from Boston to New York, waiting to pull out. AB was sorta weird for business in that everything I learned was wrong, but at least I did better than last year thanks to the adorableness of Chibitalia/HRE and the cheapness of $3 bookmarks. Unfortunately, this means that I only managed to sell 7 tickets for the raffle to three people (the price changed to 3 for $5 on batches. My father's suggestion.) As great as those odds are, this raffle still is around a $60 value, so I'm extending the raffle to you guys reading my blog. I'm also going to pimp this with my Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, but you are the bulk of who will care about it. I'm going to update this post with actual photos, but in the lucky pack prize, the winner will get:
  • a set of punk lolita badges
  • a pair of Panty and Stocking weapon badges
  • two lolita mini prints
  • a cake bracelet
  • a set of purple and gray tartan bows (2hair ties and a headband)
  • the rosary necklace from the last post
  • a frilled purple tank with a polka dotted bow print (sized S/M)
All made lovingly by yours truly.

Again, tickets are $1 each, 3 for $5, no extra shipping fees required. I'll set up a paypal button and photos once I'm back in NYC.

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