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Lolita(-esque) Music Beyond the J-rock

I’m moving back into my dorm next week and then starting up class again right, so I’ll legitimately be busy. I wanted to get this up, since it’s sadly/happily illustration free and relatively fast to put up.

Obviously, this blog has a lot of musical influence, and I like the idea of coordinating outfits to the feel of some music or a period of musical influence. I know there are posts about what music is lolita to whoever on several forums and groups for lolita, but here are some of my lolita-inspiring favorites.


Punk and quite grown up, but girly with a sweet side. Just like what lolita fashion is to me. What’s not to love? Plus, they wrote my favorite song of theirs in both English and French, and there’s this big Francophile thing going on in lolita fashion [i.e. Magical Etoile, Paris Window and everything Marie Antoinette].

And I’ll admit to being a sucker for French things almost as much as I’m a complete Anglophile. I’ll pin the blame on my sister bossing me around in French and getting me into Shakespeare at a young age.

Brigitte Bardot

Speaking of French things; if you didn’t know what this awesome upbeat piece from Sophia Coppola’s Miss Dior Cherie commercial, it’s Moi Je Joue . I got the Best of Brigitte Bardot, and it’s pretty much my soundtrack for sweet lolita days.

Message of Rouge by Yumi Arai

Ok, this is only one song and it’s J-pop, but this song is freakin’ adorable and has a really groovy (yes, groovy) classic rock ‘n’ roll sound to it. Everyone around me knows I’m a sucker for retro stuff, and I looooove ‘50s/‘60s inspired lolita looks. It’s part of the reasons why I adore Meta. Plus, this was on the soundtrack for Kiki’s Delivery Service in the original Japanese, and Kiki has one rockin’ headbow, aside from being my favorite Ghibli flick.

Pizzicato Five

Alright, another J-pop group, but again, it’s not VK or Nana and I’m a vintage girl, so they go right in. Plus, the song below was on the sweetest episode of Futurama (the one where Leela meets her parents). Really, I squealed when this started playing in the montage at the end of that episode. If you like lounge and retro music, totally check them out.

Siouxsie and the Banshees

Like Blondie, they’re punk (or goth or both, depending on who you’re talking to), but they have a sweet and girly-ness to them. Plus, first track on the Marie Antoinette soundtrack. Really, I might not be the biggest Sophia Coppola fan, but her cinematography and soundtrack choices are fantastic.

(Hnnngh, is that Tom Hardy’s sexy mouth at 1:42? I think it is.)

Buddy Holly

His songs are just adorable and I’m again a sucker for retro stuff. This song gets extra points for being on the soundtrack of Big Fish, which is one of my favorite movies and what I would like to theme my wedding around.

Something magical to add: I was just listening to this on my iTunes and when it was done, Weezer started playing. It would be better if it were Buddy Holly, but it’s Island in the Sun. Alas.


Quirky, chamber, creepy and over all very nice to listen to. If you’re a fan of Kanon Wakeshima, you’ll probably like them.

David Fuckin’ Bowie

I shouldn’t even be explaining this one. The dude use to wear dresses and make-up but could make women pregnant with a look and is still gorgeous at 64. He was doing this shit well before Mana and his music has gone through as many (ch-ch-ch-)changes as his image, but is consistently fantastic. And have you seen Labyrinth? Jareth looks like he stepped out of a Versailles MV, except again, he and that movie predates them. On top of that, he’s the key influence for a movie that not only gave me bitchin’ music, but Ewan McGregor, JRM and Christian Bale all being gorgeously gay for each other in glitter rain.

And last but not least:

Strawberry Switchblade

I was once told that this band was a big influence on lolita fashion. I’m not sure how true that is exactly, but you can totally see in the video below how it’s feasible. Generally speaking, though, looks like this were easy to find in the ‘80s, and that’s really when lolita was starting to seriously form as a look. But yeah; this band. Their music is cute and wonderfully ‘80s.


Oh, god help me...

I made a Twitter. Now if you excuse me, I'll go into the shame corner.

Though, this does at least make for posts of the short shit I'd like to say here sometimes but can never justify. Oh yeah! That's why I did it!


[...yeah, no. It's almost 4am. Pretend that there's actually a drawing there.]


Punk (Lolita) Is Not Dead! ...Right?

I was going to do a post about the New Year and how I reflect on what lolita has made me, but fuck that. It was too much me and not enough of what this blog actually is suppose to be. Plus, this has been on my mind a bit, and it kinda goes with EGL's theme for the month and if I ramble as I really should when doing this blog, maybe I'll actually fucking put out something.

Now, it's pretty obvious by now (or should be) that I LOVE punk and love mixing it with lolita. I don't really consider myself that goth for gothic, OTT sweet never really took for me and most classic either doesn't fit me, is out of my price range or both. Primarily, I wear more toned down sweet, punk and really whatever I think looks good, regardless of labels.

But lately, it's been more mixing with punk.

Unfortunately, it's not something I see much of anymore. Really, what happened to it? Did it go away with Nana Kitade's hiatus, or do people just no know how to do it anymore without just throwing on a plaid jsk and studded belt? Is it that OTT sweet has sat it's sugary ass over the dominion of lolita and squashed out the fun but edgy look of pu---wait, this sounds familiar...

...Oh son of a bitch.

Really though, I just went on 4chan and saw a girl ask about rockinghorse shoes on the general lolita thread in /cgl/. I decided to respond, since I'm dying for a pair (thinking about caving to Bodyline again, even though I have tiiiiny US size 5.5 feet and their shoes have run big on me before), but someone posted just moments before I did.

Whaaaaaat?! I did not want to see those words put into print, but really... Go on daily_lolita and search for punk coordinates. There isn't that much up there, and while it's great to see the h.Naoto and Putumayo springing up again, there's a lack to some of the creativity that there was to punk lolita when I got back into lolita, four-five years ago.

Honestly, I'm seeing it start to come back. A little. But really, red and black with a studded belt don't make a loli punk. Look back at some old Nana Kitade. Look into KERA, and you'll find some fucking rad (yeah, I said rad) coordinates that go beyond expectations.

Like, this one from last fall:

I bet you weren't thinking of using Cherry Cherry Fallin' Cherry (...good god, that sounds like a board game) in a punk coordinate. You also don't have to go with dark colors for something to take on a punk aspect. There was also this in KERA not too long ago:

The accessories and hairstyling really reinforce the punk side, while the color scheme and silhouette reinforces the lolita. With punk style, like gothic lolita, it's all about finding the balance between the two subcultural aesthetics.

Punk is an awesome style for lolita because, like OTT lolita, it's highly experimental and you can keep piling on shit and look good. Unlike OTT lolita, you don't have to stick to brand and coordinate a full set to an AP series. Punk is the exact style that off brand is made for, because while Vivienne Westwood is pricey a lot of the original punks deconstructed secondhand for their clothes. Or stole, but I'm not encouraging that.

So, for all you lolis that have admired punk but never thought you could pull it off for some reason, I'm encouraging you to try. Mix and match, watch Nana Kitade's music videos, read some KERA, check out Punk: the Whole Story (which it really isn't, but it's a nice taste to those starting to learn or have a passing interest about the movement and music), listen to the play list on the right and maybe take a trip to a your local punk shop (NOT Hot Topic) or Goodwill and just try it. You might find that it actually can work with what you have.