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Ok, so I made this bag of goods to raffle at Anime Boston, but because it wasn't a giant plus mustache and I was sharing a six foot table with two others, I wasn't able to garner enough attention to it, although I pushed ticket sales. There are as of now only seven tickets sitting in the raffle bin belonging to three people which doesn't make for terribly fair odds, so I've informed those in the raffle that I will be extending the contest to by followers here. The raffle will end the 21st of May, when I'll announce the winner here and promptly ship it out. To be absolutely fair, I'm keeping the prices exactly the same as they were at Anime Boston: $2 for a single tickets and $5 for three. The bag's contents are roughly worth ~$60-70 and all my own design, save the awesome (but still a plastic shopping) bag you'll be getting it all in.

So, content!

Here's the aforementioned shopping bag the pack is wrapped in, from Search & Destroy in St. Marks, NYC. I thought it fitting, given the nature of my blog.

This is the tank I made. It has two actual bows sewn on and has a rough, unfinished edge. I modeled the pattern from a Charlotte Ruse tank I adore, and you get the bonus of it being made of better, opaque fabric with a very cute print. I wear about a US size 4-6 and I made it bigger, so it should be around a US size 6-8.

This is a set of bows I made to compliment the tank. It has both the headband and a set of the hair ties. I seriously wish I could have found more of this fabric to make my own, too, but I only have enough left to make maybe one medium sized clip.

Here's that necklace I previewed down below, hung over the tank to give a decent idea of how long it is, as well as a close up of the Y-section of the rosary.

I'm going to actually upgrade this bracelet to having a suede band instead of the ribbon if the winner wants before shipping it out.

These were really fun to design. The large button in the lolita badge set says "Lolita Not Dead", while the dear image is a parody of Angelic Pretty's Milky-chan and the Sex Pistols' "Who Killed Bambi?" graphic. The other set is Panty's Backless gun and Stockings Stipe 1 & 2 katanas.

Last pair of items: Because it was an actual art table I started this at, I'm also including these mini prints of lolita themed watercolors. They're about 5x7 on cardstock and more saturated in color (I desaturated them for the preview image).

So, yeah. Raffle again goes until May 21st. $2 a ticket, 3 for $5. Button downstairs.

Edit: It would appear that purchasing raffle tickets are against Paypal policy... crap. Any help is good?

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