Sugar and spice, but not necessarily nice.


Oh, god help me...

I made a Twitter. Now if you excuse me, I'll go into the shame corner.

Though, this does at least make for posts of the short shit I'd like to say here sometimes but can never justify. Oh yeah! That's why I did it!


[...yeah, no. It's almost 4am. Pretend that there's actually a drawing there.]


  1. Hah! ... I still don't have one, but all my designer friends keep telling me to do it, because it's "the best way to network!"

    The definition of networking has changed so much since I started college. It used to mean making connections so that you had contacts in different parts of the industry. Now it means "put yourself out there and get in everyone's faces!"

    An online friend of mine commented on this once. He's a mostly-retired lawyer whose name is still on the door of a firm, since he consults there. Without fail, he has a story from every one of the parties he has gone to with his wife in the last three years, which will focus on some young-and-coming lawyer getting in his face to exchange contact information.

    It's really funny to hear him bitch about how there's no subtle exchange of business cards anymore, just a barrage of tweets, emails and resumes.

  2. The Internet really has blurred the line between self-promotion and networking, but I think that line was already blurred quite a bit in the entertainment business well before the days of Twitter and Facebook. Still, I have my business cards with my cell, e-mail and art blog. I try to rub elbows in bars the old fashioned way. This is largely just for blogging and micro blogging.