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‘Lo all! So, here’s your generic intro post for me and this blog and blah blah blah...

Who the fuck are you?

I’ve been into lolita fashion for about seven years as of now and dressing it seriously for about three of those years. I’m active in my local meets, so most NYC lolitas are familiar with me. I like all styles of lolita and primarily wear casual coordinates of toned-down sweet, punk and classic. I’m also starting to get into more gothic styles. I essentially am not a brand whore and I mix my wardrobe a lot, though that’s really neither here nor there.

I’m sporadic in my posting/commenting on EGL on livejournal, but I try to follow as much as possible in that community and some related comms. Oh, and /cgl/. Yeah, I know; most of us lurk every now and then. Get over it. I’m also an occasional cosplayer, but save for a couple of exceptions (i.e. characters like Stocking), I’m not going to mix the two. I just love both costume and fashion, like many others.

I’m a girly nerd that gets torn between running to Forever 21 and Gamestop. I’m an illustration major that draws both fashion and comics. My father raised me in a confusing manner where I know all my etiquette and enjoy several traditionally feminine activities like sewing, cooking and gardening, but was also raised as a tomboy and can get rowdy easily.

I got into lolita admittedly through manga and cosplay. Around the time that I was starting to explore my tastes in fashion, my older sister got me reading ParadiseKiss while I was (get ready to cringe!) reading Chobits and Cardcaptor Sakura, so the combination really got me into J-fashion and frilly things. Later that year, I got Kera and G&LB as Christmas presents. As I learned more about the style seriously, I felt less in love with it’s weird Japanese-ness and more in love with the punk undertones of the style and the multi-period influences. I was already mad for period costumes, especially Victoriana, and I was seriously getting into rockabilly and vintage buying. I had a brief ita-phase and then dropped wearing the fashion for three years while still buying Kera and admiring the look. Down the line, I decided to start gradually getting back into the style, and I’ve been---ok, this is now getting boring.

TL;DR; I’m another fucking lolita with a blog. Onward!

So, what are you actually going to write about that will make me follow you? There are a shit ton of lolita blogs now: what makes this one different?

Well, this is largely going to be a blog of opinion pieces. I’ll occasionally be going over the “OMG, THIS PRINT DESU! LOVE!” type posts and a few guides, as is typical of a lolita blog, but seriously?

Sex. Drama. Lifestyles.

Typically things that a lot of other lolitas seem to only want to seriously talk about in wank comms or in private. It makes for difficult topic findings, and the serious posts might be slow in updating, but I seriously love talking about this shit and I want a place where I’m not quite as reserved as I am on egl and where I can do it without anonymity. I can’t help but shake the feeling that a lot of lolitas don’t want to talk about these things because they don’t want them to be associated with the style. But you know what?

By the virtue of diversity, they already are and I’m gonna talk about it.

Also, I have doodles.

So until next week, where I’ll go over the lolita “lifestyle”, I’ll let you enjoy some Max Raabe. Man, I love mixing the old and new.

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